15 July 2011

The week of the ________.

One thing about me that's not so great is that I'm not one of those people who counts things. So if you ask me how many weeks of summer are left, I will just look at you funny. In a continuing effort to improve myself, I just ate a bunch of twizzlers counted the number of weeks left until school starts, and the answer is five. And now that, as of today, all summer camps for my children are done, perhaps I should give each week a name, if not a theme. This coming week's name is "on call for jury duty," which is extra awesome when you have two kids home with you and obviously can't bring them along. So I am looking forward to the week after next week, unless miraculously next week I don't have jury duty, or I'm put on a case where I may bring justice to the world, though hopefully via an unusually brief trial.

Have written a few poems, but none this week. I am, however, getting a pretty nice tan.


Joannie said...

It sounds like you should be able to qualify for a pass from jury duty.

Here, we are having the week of gray. I am hoping that soon we will have the (whole) week of sun--and you might be thinking I ought to be careful what I wish for.

Good luck with the five weeks, and yay on the poems.

Laura said...

be glad you don't normally count things. it becomes an obsession.

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