31 August 2011

A farewell to August.

Doesn't Lulu Barnes make an imposing shadow? That shadow says, "It's almost September, even though it feels like the middle of summer, and the AC is running, and it's still light when the kids go to bed."

It's a chatty shadow. One of those.

Golly, we're knee-deep into week two, and everything, for the most part, is okay.

The super awesome, independent Akron reading series THE BIG BIG MESS has its latest installment on Friday, featuring Matthew Guenette, Nate Pritts, Adam Fell, and Matt Hart. It's going to be so fantastic.

Don't wear your wool sweater, though, because that place gets a little hot.

In other news, did you know that I write book reviews sometimes? Here's my review of THE TREES THE TREES by Heather Christle, at Read This Awesome Book.

Dear reader, I am looking forward to the long weekend that they say is ahead of us.

I have a batch of student poems to comment on. I somehow, despite major childcare challenges, managed to write well over 40 pages of poems this summer. Life is just where it should be. Please stay that way, life. Thanks.

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