05 September 2011


Wow, this long weekend was something else! All of the best things (bestest friends, poetry, beers of quality, curry cauliflower, my writers' group with amazingly inspiring girlfriends, broken things being fixed, new poems even though allegedly "not writing," cooler weather that makes one think about flannel pajamas, two poems accepted by supremely awesome journal, a little relaxation, not doing the stuff supposed to be doing, catching up on laundry, cats that like to walk across your chest while reading, and reading!).

It's hard to believe we're entering week THREE of the semester, and already a day ahead, at that.

My yard is starting to look like a real jungle, and not in a nice way.

I hope the universe doesn't consider this an invitation to throw me yet another curve ball, but I feel as if I am finally getting some things in order and figuring out a workable routine.

It's also not really Sunday night, so I shouldn't have insomnia.

Having some revelations about a new book project!

I'd really like this week to be a good one.

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SEO Consultant said...

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