30 September 2011

Last-ish splash.

Dear blog, I have not abandoned you. I was in New York! I spent 20 hours in the car with two kids under the age of ten. And I have (obviously) lived to tell about it. But mainly I want to say that September is almost over. I think it should be over. I'm already thinking about November, etc. Anyway, now that the trip is behind us (family wedding, etc) it's all about catching up and moving forward and acting shocked by chilly gusts and orange leaves.

The most exciting part of this week (aside from returning home) was this incredibly insightful review of Saint Monica in The Rumpus. There's nothing quite like perusing the sites you check every day and seeing your own book cover there. I'm incredibly thankful. I am totally going to squeal with glee in front of their table at AWP Chicago.

In other news, while I was out of town the folks at We Who Are About to Die posted this little interview with me about parenting. It's about parenting, but I think the whole "how to write like you're desperate to write, because you are desperate to write" idea applies widely. Cheers to all the folks who checked it out.

I need to post this because soon it's going to be October. I'll neglect the blog less this month, promise. I can report back that I have 16-ish pages of new poems from the new series, so I haven't been spending the whole time filing my nails and dreaming up new recipes for butternut squash.

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Nin Andrews said...

I LOVE your article on parenting and writing. Great photo, too. Unsolicited advice from strangers, for sure! And the pressure to keep writing when you don't have as much time . . .

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