04 October 2011


Today is one of those Tuesdays that feels like a Wednesday. But you know what? Who cares, because on the Friday of AWP we're having an amazing offsite reading for Barn Owl Review and Diode.

Barn Owl Review & Diode Offsite Poetry Reading
Friday, March 2nd, 7:00 pm
Fine Arts Building, Curtiss Hall
410 South Michigan Avenue (mere steps from the conference hotel!)
Chicago, IL, USA


Jason Bredle * Traci Brimhall * Peter Campion * John Gallaher * Brent Goodman * Matthew Guenette * Rebecca Hazelton * Sandy Longhorn * Erika Meitner * Aimee Nezhukumatathil * Alison Pelegrin * G.C. Waldrep

This is the very first Barn Owl Review offsite reading ever, so we are extra excited, and I have to admit that this lineup make my heart get all a-flutter. So many awesome writers in one place.

In news not of the future, it seems warmer weather is back in Akron this week, and thank the dear lord for that. Several days of bone-chilling cold and rain made it rather difficult to be motivated. Now, sunny skies and temps in the upper 60s are making it rather difficult to be motivated. But I'm catching up nonetheless. It's week seven. I am already pining for the glory of winter break, even if it has the word "winter" in it.


Nin Andrews said...

Wow! That's going to be one great reading!

marybid said...

Thanks, Nin! I hope I don't spend the whole time swooning.

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