20 October 2011

Tiny panics.

I don't have any large things to report except that I've had a nice handful of poems (many very new) picked up by several magazines that I love, and this has made me giddy. It has also made me totally dismantle most recent manuscript and wonder what I should be doing with all these poems (hacked down by 26 pages, etc). I'm not sure I'll have time to ponder this until winter break.

We've had some very rainy weather in Ohio. It's making me think about winter, which makes me think I better get the cupboards stocked up. Many of this week's plans derailed by being home with a sick kid, who is thankfully better, and I guess I welcomed the break from reality after all.

I may have written a new poem or two since I last posted. Trying to be diligent about sending work out. Trying to find a journal or two that likes funny poems. Realizing that liking some of my poems is, um, an acquired taste.


Kathleen said...

Right Hand Pointing. Kugelmass.

jillypoet said...

i love your poems!

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