25 December 2011

Bright, All Is.

It's Christmas night. We made it! I am feeling tremendously relieved and a million times more motivated than I did 24 hours ago. I just may be able to get a few things done over break, after all. This year the kids were visiting their dad for Christmas day, so we had a relaxing and quiet grownups holiday involving my mom's fabulous cooking (and my dad's panna cotta, surrounded by fresh pomegranate juice, procured in a process which my mom described as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and finally she made my dad finish the task outdoors due to the pomegranate gore). Between the four of us, I believe we read every page of both the NYT and Plain Dealer at least twice. Now the kids are home and in bed, and I am ready to charge into this week like nobody's business. I guess the universe gave me the gift of motivation this year. Thanks, universe.

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