30 December 2011

Penultimate splash.

Hey 2011, thanks for the memories! Next year I vow to incorporate some new vegetables into our lives, to maybe give brown rice another try, to drink less diet soda, to be thankful more often. I would like to simultaneously be more aware and less aware.

I would like to write things down. I would like to jump back into my current book projects without trepidation. I would like to remember how little time I had to get things done over break, and therefore make better use of the time I do have. Syllabus-related anxiety dreams may go away once I figure out what books I'm using this summer and fall.

Thank you, 2011, for bringing Saint Monica and The Monkey & the Wrench into the world. 2012 will have O Holy Insurgency, spaghetti squash, more tea, more happy, some moving forward with life (see aforementioned more happy), heaps upon heaps of gratitude for all of the above.

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