10 January 2012

Final mark-up.

We are working on edits for BOR #5, and wow, this publishing thing does get easier with many years of experience. So hooray for that.

Two days into the new semester and I am really tired. On Monday I was suddenly hit with a massive urge to un-clutter my office, so that set things off, and now I am determined to execute the same plan at home. Some time. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday. Now my office looks bare and boring. But you can see the floor.

Teaching two poetry workshops = my ideal semester.

Hey, so AWP isn't super far away, and I am doing three readings and a panel, and hosting the BOR offsite on Friday. Already starting to plan for these various things. Exciting!

Suffering from a very angry shoulder (or two, really). Bad, bad posture.

Still waiting for First Poem of 2012.


Anne Higgins said...

Hello, Mary!
I am enjoying following your blog here.
Our semester doesn't begin until Monday, so I am still printing out syllabi and organizing all the paper I just basically dumped in my office at the end of last term.

Sorry I won't be at AWP this year.
Went to it in DC last year and loved it, but can't do it financially this time. I know you will be impressive!

Best wishes from Anne

marybid said...

Thanks so much for your note, Anne! I hope 2012 treats you well.


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