08 January 2012

Watch me now. Hey.

I almost feel like I'll jinx myself by writing this, but I would really like to work this semester's schedule out so that it includes some regular "writing time" for me. Seriously, I spend more time cleaning my house than I do writing. I still write, of course, but I've never made time for it.

We'll see how this plan goes. I have yet to write my first poem of 2012.

In other news, tomorrow is the first day of spring semester. I am SO EXCITED, and not just because I have an orange pilot precise V pen, but that certainly helps. This is my last semester as an administrator, and I am looking forward to all the cool classes I am going to be able to teach now that I'll be only teaching.


Off to organize those pens, and to admire my new owl folders a little more. Speaking of owls, I typeset issue 5 of Barn Owl Review on Friday. It's a real show-stopper. I'll show some peeks once it's baked a little more.

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