17 January 2012


It took me several tries to photograph this crime scene. It's a super windy day here in Akron, OH, and I had to get the best angle (meanwhile, my car was running and the driver's side door was open, etc). Anyway, I'd like to jump out of the car more often (figuratively) for pictures and poems. Impulsive, but in a good way.

So far I'm doing well at sticking with my modified routine of giving everything its own time and day, and not allowing myself to be coaxed into one office when I've vowed to be in another. I am also succeeding so far in breaking up my annotations rather than doing a marathon. Next year I'll be teaching full time and thus having a full teaching load again, so it's important to start that now.

Last Thursday was a little complicated due to my kids having a holiday on Friday, and my daughter's spelling bee on Thursday afternoon, but I did accomplish things in my home office (new poem, new book review) and dang did that ever feel great.

All the snow melted. But they say it's coming back. Every day without harsh weather is a gift, as far as I'm concerned.

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