26 January 2012

The week of the monster.

I am a fan of all things retro, and generally I hold the belief that things were made much more sturdily in past eras. That said, I learned this week that even a meticulously maintained old furnace can be churning carbon monoxide into your basement, and that beneath the attractive teal painted metal may lurk an inner hull of corrosion.

So this has been the week without heat, and the week of feeling constantly unsettled, the week of freaking out about not being able to afford even a fraction of a new furnace, the week of celebrating that our home warranty covers much of it, and now the day of staying home, freezing my dupa off, huddled in my bedroom w/ pb&j and diet pepsi, bundled up next to the space heater, able to do nothing but look out the window and look at the interwebs as the workers tear down the old and install the new.

On Monday I was thinking, wow, I am getting quite caught up. Then the universe started laughing hysterically.

I am very happy we are safe, however, and glad that living without heat is not a regular thing for us. I am hoping to at least get some reading done later today, before the kids get home. We may all want to spend the afternoon in snowpants. Right now I feel like a sulky teeenager moping in her room. When the heat goes on (fingers crossed) later today, we'll rejoice.


Michael said...

When the universe laughs, it always seems to be hysterically and always makes you feel like you are personally the brunt of it's amusement.

Home warrenties are a wonderful thing. Glad everyone is safe!

Lyle Daggett said...

Having lived most of my life in sub-arctic tundra of Minneapolis, I can only go Yipe! at the thought of a house without heat. (Once in a great while, after an especially heavy wet snowfall, power lines go down and then the theromostat doesn't work, which in turn means no heat till the power comes back on...)

Winter here so far this time has been unusually mild and the snow has been light, but there's two or three months yet to go.

Do stay warm. (And so glad you caught the furnace problem in time.)

Anonymous said...

I hope that you've been able to find some warmth and that all is well.

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