10 April 2012

Feast, famine, picnic?

Alleluia--I finally wrote a decent new poem the other night. I wonder if doing NAPO makes you write more or fewer good poems. It takes me like five B-sides to write one good poem. Would I write the one good poem without the B-sides? I have no answer to this question.

In very happy news, O Holy Insurgency, my second full-length book of poems, is due out this fall, and now has an entry on Amazon. I am resisting the urge to pre-order a bazillion copies of it just to be able to put it in my shopping cart. Starting to line up some readings for the Fall, too. It's exciting! I am so used to publishing other people's books (OPB) and not my own.

Lately I have been thinking about how much I love Akron. This is my seventh year here, and it still charms me. There's a lot of garbage in Akron, and non-garbage, and trains.

Counting down to the last week of school. Hoping to recharge a little before summer class starts. I could really use a lazy May.

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