13 April 2012


Today I know there's something I should be doing, only I can't remember what it is, so I will just keep losing my to-do list on my desk, okay? Because it's Friday, and I don't have any major projects this weekend, and last weekend was crazy with hosting Easter, so let's chill, universe. I'll bring some poems home.

I'm kind of the only one here right now. This makes me feel even more like I'm forgetting something.

I feel bad because I've been reading the same "for fun" book since November. That's really not like me, and the book is great (The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaatje), but I haven't had (or made, rather) enough reading time.

Add to to-do list for weekend: finish The Cat's Table. The situation is so dire and disturbing that my mom blamed it on my Kindle and gave me the hardcover of the book, which I haven't opened.

I'm so excited for May. Doing administrative stuff but not teaching again until June. Summer world lit will be awesome. Here begins the countdown through the last two weeks of the semester.

NAPO: hanging tough. 13 poems so far.

Cover photo: last night's sky as seen at the Akron Aeros home opener.

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