17 May 2012

Hello, summer.

It's not really summer, but we're steadily getting there. I am alternating between feeling lazy (or wanting to be lazy) and feeling ultra motivated. Sheba, above, can completely relate.

I just wrote a new poem, the first one since my NAPOtastrophy around 4/15. I haven't felt especially inspired lately. I'm not jotting things in my moleskine or thinking about poem lines. But hopefully that will happen soon.

Lately poem acceptances have been making me really happy. It's time to revise some poems that have been chilling in the junk drawer for a while.

My summer won't start for a while, as I am teaching a World Lit class from early June through early July. I looked at the stack of books for the class today, and got really excited just to read everything again. July through August: you belong to me.

That's the story in Akron, OH.

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