24 January 2014

The polar

This winter isn't kidding around. I keep thinking fewer bugs, fewer bugs. It's strange when the sky is bright blue and the world is exceedingly cold. Cozy season, if you can find the cozy. 


Marion said...

LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing here in central Louisiana. Fewer mosquitoes, fewer mosquitoes come summer! We haven't had snow like this in over 30 years. We just don't get snow...ever. But I love it. It melted after only 2 days, so there's that...but I want MORE. xo

PS: I love your poetry and own all of your books.

marybid said...

Marion, thank you so much for your kind words! Here's to fewer mosquitoes, less mold, eventual spring?

Sending cheer from Akron!

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