30 March 2014

Ohio gets the last laugh.

The cat's out of the bag regarding my fourth full-length collection of poems, Small Enterprise. It's forthcoming in summer 2015 from Black Lawrence Press. I'm so excited! This is the book with all of the Risk Management Memo poems in it. Right now my mind is entirely on A Sunny Place with Adequate Water, but it's great knowing that Small Enterprise has found a home. 

I've been in a not-writing mode lately, but now that April is almost here it will be easier to count down to the end of the academic year (and hence, some workload relief). For some reason it really helps if I can visualize an entire month on the calendar, especially if it's the last month of the semester. 

In other poetry news, 32 Poems has a review of O Holy Insurgency here, along with an interview that I did with Emilia Phillips. Huge thanks to Emilia, and to reviewer Ross Losapio. This prose feature helped warm my heart during our several recent spring break snowstorms (see above).

Right now, vast sheets of snow are careening off the roof. Maybe it's a metaphor for the end of spring break. I accomplished almost all of my goals (some were unrealistic), including overdue house and office cleaning and a lot of relaxing, which will be important for the almost-home-stretch.


M.J.Iuppa said...

What terrific news!

We too received a wallop of a storm Saturday into Sunday. Now snow is melting.

If you're looking for poetry prompts. I have posted 7 (getting a running start on 30x30).


M.J. Iuppa

M.J.Iuppa said...

Congratulations, Mary!
Terrific News.

I have posted 7 poetry prompts on my blog, if you're looking for some fun.

We too had a terrible storm saturday into sunday. Now everything is melting.

I'm ready for Spring.

M.J. Iuppa

I have done this twice. I hope I did the robot test correctly. Who knows?

Geoffrey A. Landis said...

Wow! Congrats.

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