12 June 2014

Akron Poetry Prize: deadline approaches

How have I been spending all of my spare moments, and not-so-spare moments, lately? Reading manuscripts for the Akron Poetry Prize competition, of course. The deadline is 6/15, but since that's a Sunday we have no problem whatsoever if your postmark is a day late or so.

This year's final judge is Maxine Chernoff. The prize is $1,500 and publication of the winning manuscript (though all manuscripts are considered for publication in the Akron Series in Poetry). Every submission is read by the series editor (yours truly), so your manuscript will not be languishing in the disenchanted mitts of a screener. 

For more detail on the contest, check out this interview.

Finally, a few words of thanks to the Quaker Square letter carrier, who has been incredibly patient with all the bundles of manuscripts arriving every day. 

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