02 February 2015


After living in the Midwest for 35+ years, I have no excuse for being surprised by wicked winter weather. And yet, every time it knocks me a little off balance, especially when I lose a Monday.

In much warmer news, many, many thanks to Danielle Susi and The Rumpus for this review of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water. Here's a tidbit:

A Sunny Place with Adequate Water, Mary Biddinger’s new collection from Black Lawrence Press, is an idyllic scene…post-apocalypse. It is where beauty becomes darker. Where the light of an electric rail line illuminates an abandoned parking lot and where bombs are filled with thread.

Lately I've been making an effort to revise some new poems and then send them out for consideration. I am proud of myself for following through. Look for new poems in TriggerThe Laurel Review (prose poem issue!), Gargoyle, and jubilat.

Have you seen the sexy new cover of BOR 8?

Here's a little Akron snow. 

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