10 December 2017

That's a wrap, fall 2017 edition.

The universe is telling me to go back to sleep today. This doesn't happen often, and I can't do it. But there's something about all the edges being softer for once, or things feeling way less urgent, or the sound of a dog snoring in a chair becoming the exact metronome needed to gather the nerve to drink a little more coffee. Right now my hair looks like it belongs on a witch doll, and maybe the witch doll is me. I'm totally cool with that.

Every semester I'm like wow, what a semester filled with surprises, but this year has changed the calibration on the wow scale, because I certainly was not expecting to cancel a week of class and jet to NYC and celebrate at the National Book Awards. But everything came together as I hoped it would, and though at present my to-do list looks like a gigantic novelty to-do list to be bestowed upon some unlucky sweepstakes winner, I'm going to make it through, even if this particular Sunday is cough and yawn and witch hair and stepping away from the inbox and listening to a dog snore.

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marybid said...

PS: That's a shadow on my living room wall. A strange gift from the universe.

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