17 July 2005

Now this land is mine.

Back from brief hiatus and doing just fine after signing stacks of paper and shaking hands and exploring glorious new casa. We were greeted upon arrival by a friendly neighborhood chat, which seemed to be a good omen (until my three beasts arrive in August and begin lunging at the screens trying to say hello).

Many, many thanks to all who sent their good wishes! Right now I am halfway between nervous breakdown and ecstatic glee. Thank you to the amazing Alan Ambrisco for a tour of Cuyahoga Valley National Park and surroundings. PJ, I had no idea that such awe-inspiring places existed in your former stomping grounds! Oh, the herb garden! The serene lagoons! I will be spending many hours staring at that still water. On my trip I saw a blue heron, two deer, hawks aplenty, an eagle, and a vulture. Folks, I have found my mothership. All of these creatures--and more--coming to a poem near you.

It sounds like the ACM reading at the Hideout was a great time! In case you missed it, Robert Archambeau has provided excellent commentary. Since I couldn't attend but wanted to, here is a poem I definitely would've read. And Kristy, I most certainly would've been PWI.


from ACM #43

Even Roy Orbison
would get lost
in my hair. I shake it:
doorframe, jukebox,
tongues, domino

sugar bag. A lime
to bite instead of your
finger. The mango skirt,
snagged silk, crinoline.
You can’t dance.

I leave a hand print
on the wall in grenadine.
My shoes are new, cork
heels, like fifteen years
ago. A woman crosses

the room for a smoke.
She knows my song
even in buckskin boots.
Black doily, goldleaf
teeth, sea salt, avocado

halves in the freezer.
I’m with Mamà, washing
tumblers again. Pouring
a steamed glass of beer
down my back. No,

I am dancing, losing
my skirt to your hands.
Snakeskin. The record
is over. All aprons off
and hot like bleeding.

Mary Biddinger

this tree is MINE!


Byf said...

Yay! I'm glad you're settling in. I wish I could bring you soda and pies as a housewarming gift.

P. J. said...

Oh, hecks yeah, Marybee, there's plenty of serenity and nature and what-have-you in NE Ohio, enough to balance the factories, auto plants, steel mills, coal and salt mines as well. You'll have to check out Hale Farm & Village when they open--I think that's a winter thing, though, or maybe summer, I'm not sure, but one of those seasons. And there are quite a few parks north of you; I believe one near Cleveland is a national park. Take a trip to west to Wooster some day (not to be confused with The Big Wooster) and check out their campus and/or hills 'n' valleys or south to visit the country goodness of the Amish (in case you want non-IKEA furniture). And don't forget you'll have Sand Run Road Park (or whatever it's called) just down the street from you.

Gosh, suddenly I feel like I know the place!

Congrats on now owning land. You know, Jesus was against private property ;-) so you've just added some fuel to your Catholic discourse fire.

There's only one downside: Has anyone informed you of the tacit agreement you've made to cheer for the Buckeyes in the Michigan-Ohio State game?

Penultimatina said...

Byf! Soda and pies have no shelf life. We will break soda and pie together again!

Has anyone informed you of the tacit agreement you've made to cheer for the Buckeyes in the Michigan-Ohio State game?

I specifically negotiated my contract with the Board of Trustees so that I would not be bound by said agreement. In fact, I may just have to purchase a Wolverine flag to fly during football season (this will get the neighbors ready for all of the democratic lawn signs that we'll have up during forthcoming electoral madness...oh what a joy bringing two more blue votes to Ohio).

Frank said...

Ditto the "Boo, OSU!" sentiment.

By the way, is that a sweet quintoon I see?

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