14 November 2005

"I'm Like You, My Dear"

Received my copy of glorious Simone Muench's Lampblack and Ash today, and it seriously interfered with an afternoon of grading Essay #3. Brilliant and mesmerizing! Winner of the Kathryn A. Morton Prize for poetry from Sarabande Books.

Simone, as I'm writing this Miss Bailey Schubert is getting all Halloween-cat-ish on top of a pile of papers (there's Essay #3 again!), as if she knows I'm writing about you. I am getting back at her by posting this photo of her sporting a bib. Oh the humiliation!

I'll be bringing Lampblack and Ash to Winter Wheat later this week, to read when all cozy in hotel bed.


Julie said...

Thanks for giving that book a ringing endorsement. I've been thinking of getting it for a few weeks, and now my decision has been cemented. Tell me more at WW!

Penultimatina said...

Buy it, Julie! Highly recommended. :)

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