23 August 2007

No creek for this Dawson.

Check out the new editorial profile of fiction editor Dawson Steeber at the Barn Owl Review blog. Dirty realism, anyone?

Blogging is slow right now, but the syllabus-writing is swift and somewhat painless. One of my new classrooms appears to be from the future, so expect some pics of that soon. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of the snazzy new binder clips Sara gave me (thanks Sara!) and the flyer for Jeannine's upcoming Akron debut.


jeannine said...

What a cute flyer! Save an extra so my mom can have a copy :)

Penultimatina said...

Isn't it great? We have the best student assistants.

I'll definitely save you a few!

Sandra said...

Hi Mary--

Quick question: is Barn Owl Review still looking at poetry submissions? I know the premiere issue is already chock full o'good writers, so if the answer is no, I completely understand. But if the answer is yes, I have some poems (and can send them in the next day or so).

Backchannel me - sandrabeasley at earthlink dot net

Thank you thank you!

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