17 August 2007

Feliz cumpleaños, etc.

It's Greg's birthday today. Happy 34th birthday, Greg!

My favorite sassy black cat, Schubert, is back posting. It's no longer silent in the world of Bil-Wau. Hooray!

I've taken a page out of Sara's book (figuratively---she'd be mad if it was literal) and spent an hour attacking piles of crap in my office today. Next week I'll do the bookshelves, but I wouldn't dare tackle them sans orange scented Pledge Grab-Its.

I wrote another St. Monica poem, totally out of the blue. That's two in one week. Now I can forgive myself for all the other stuff I didn't do.

We're supposed to get some cooler weather this weekend, and it's a good thing, because I'm making another cake. Sprinkles instead of cherries this time, since it's for Greg.

Today's Friday confessions:

* I've only just started using the toolbar button to link stuff. Up until now it's been all a to the href-izzah in Word Cage land.

* I get really annoyed when other profs' students put papers in my mailbox by mistake. I mean, it's totally clear whose mailbox it is. There's no mistaking. I almost want to assign them a grade. A bad one.


Sara said...

It's good you didn't really steal a page...I have mafia connections, you know. : )

dixiedreams said...

that's a really pretty shot of you with the psychedelic (sp?) toy guitar!

Penultimatina said...

Sara--hee hee.

Kelly, that's my rockin' Wiggles guitar. I mean my kids' guitar. Honest.

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