Feliz cumpleaños, etc.

It's Greg's birthday today. Happy 34th birthday, Greg!

My favorite sassy black cat, Schubert, is back posting. It's no longer silent in the world of Bil-Wau. Hooray!

I've taken a page out of Sara's book (figuratively---she'd be mad if it was literal) and spent an hour attacking piles of crap in my office today. Next week I'll do the bookshelves, but I wouldn't dare tackle them sans orange scented Pledge Grab-Its.

I wrote another St. Monica poem, totally out of the blue. That's two in one week. Now I can forgive myself for all the other stuff I didn't do.

We're supposed to get some cooler weather this weekend, and it's a good thing, because I'm making another cake. Sprinkles instead of cherries this time, since it's for Greg.

Today's Friday confessions:

* I've only just started using the toolbar button to link stuff. Up until now it's been all a to the href-izzah in Word Cage land.

* I get really annoyed when other profs' students put papers in my mailbox by mistake. I mean, it's totally clear whose mailbox it is. There's no mistaking. I almost want to assign them a grade. A bad one.


Sara said…
It's good you didn't really steal a page...I have mafia connections, you know. : )
dixiedreams said…
that's a really pretty shot of you with the psychedelic (sp?) toy guitar!
Penultimatina said…
Sara--hee hee.

Kelly, that's my rockin' Wiggles guitar. I mean my kids' guitar. Honest.