27 October 2007

Cleveland (still) rocks

There's something about 1827 Rhodes Tower at Cleveland State that compels me to whip out the camera phone and take a picture. The one on the left is from May, and the one on the right is from today. This building is strangely reminiscent of UIC's University Hall, except with super narrow corridors and dinky offices, and one of those elevators that dings at every floor. I really like CSU, though. I was there today for a thesis defense, and I knew things would go well as soon as I sailed backwards into a primo meter spot right outside the building. It's funny how the city girl snaps back just like that.

Au sujet de CSU, and with November 1st right around the corner, have you heard about the exciting new changes at the Cleveland State University Poetry Center? That's a dreamy editorial board if I ever saw one...

Changing gears here to Halloween. Tonight was Akron's trick or treat night. Around here we do it on the Saturday before, which is actually really nice. But does anyone else--especially people with kids--feel like Halloween is just a big pain in the ass? Good lord, wrestling candy bars away from Ray and listening to Gabi whine about her belt, enough already! I'm so glad it's over. I hope Sara posts some of her goth chick costume pictures, however.

Another wild week awaits. I am going to try to enjoy Sunday as much as possible.


Sara said...

Hey Mary! Hope you're feeling better! I've got some pictures waiting for you...

Adam Deutsch said...

It hit me yesterday at one of our writers here at UIUC happens to be a Rust Belt Poet. And she's pretty awesome.

Meanwhile, Bandy's reading your book...and we're gonna talk about it like crazy when she's done.

She says hi.

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