05 November 2007

The heat is on.

Maybe I should try spray painting my office door CLOSED like the gas station above. But that wouldn't stop calls and emails, unless I actually move my desk into the closed gas station above. No thanks. But I'm glad I finally got a picture of it. One perk of getting to work late and parking far away.

This time change is throwing me for a loop. The past two days have felt unbelievably long. I'm not hacking so much now, but today my head is still swimming, which has resulted in typos and lots of anxious mini-freak-outs when I discover something new for my to-do list.

Who else is going to Winter Wheat? Give a shout-out about your session if you're presenting. I will be starting the day off by giving an informative talk on the academic job market. How's that for morning cheer?


Justin Evans said...

For a second there, I thought Axel Foley was camping out in your office.

Give a shout-out to Glenn Fry

Anonymous said...

Mini-freak outs are okay. Hooray for mini-freak outs! Even though, they're not fun at the time. But they serve a purpose, so the edges don't crack.

That way, you can pump your fists and say, "Bring it sucka!"

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