09 April 2008

Back that thing up.

What the heck is this bus doing outside my office building, in the middle of campus? Are they going to want to interview me when I'm walking over to the Press in a little while?

Since it's a Campaign 2008 bus maybe I'll tell them the story Gabi told me this morning. She got a piece of chocolate in music class yesterday because she sang "louder than 10---an 11." Unfortunately, the piece of chocolate allegedly had Hillary written on it. Gabi claims to have taken one bite, then thrown in in the trash. She asked her music teacher for Obama candy instead.

On an unrelated note, I am re-learning the "official" editing symbols. It's amazing how I've customized them over the years. Jay whipped up a deck of flashcards, but I made him promise that he can't quiz me, and subsequently degrade/humiliate me for not knowing everything.

Not much happening with that bus, yet.


Jay Robinson said...

Way to go Gabs! If only her vote would count.

And who's the dope who thought of putting Hillary's name on anything associated with chocolate? There's not much about her that's smooth or refreshing.

I hope that bus has moved by now.

Penultimatina said...

It's gone. Alleluia.

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