13 April 2008

Not quite there yet.

Nine of my ten thesis committees have met for defenses, all successful. All but one of our visiting writers has come and gone. Left on the docket: this week's A. Van Jordan extravaganza (a big reading + he's visiting two of my classes), next week's student awards reception (I will not cry when giving out awards! I will not cry!) and open mic reading Thursday, then the following week's double-header of graduation readings. Oh yes, and then commencement, where I get to don my regalia again and once again (not cry! not cry!) watch students cross the stage. I can't wait for the couple of weeks in between this semester and Summer I, when my Women Writers class starts. I really need to unwind a little.

Did some of that yesterday. Jay and I tried to take my kids on a ride to see the blue herons, only I had no idea where I was going (I'm not a "scenic route" kind of gal; I take the highway to go to the grocery store) and we ended up in Medina County instead. It was raining, and Gabi was busy upbraiding me for getting us lost. We made it back, finally, after driving through some gorges (on-road, not off) and laughing hysterically about the lack of herons. I get so little time where I'm not doing at least two really serious things. It was rather nice.


Jay Robinson said...

And we played the quiet game!

Plus, here's a transcript from car ride:

Jay: "Look at all those deer!"

Gabi: "Those aren't deer. They're goats. Duh, Jay!"

Penultimatina said...

"This is NOT the right way."

"That sign says 77."

Oh dee...

greg rappleye said...

Van Jordan is a great guy.

Please tell him I said, "Hello!"


Penultimatina said...

Will do, Greg. I'm so excited!

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