15 April 2008

The festivities begin.

Our visit with A. Van Jordan started today. The ballroom was super dark, so it was hard to take pics, but I promise better ones tomorrow (he's visiting my MFA poetry workshop to hang out and talk about poetry). I could listen to Van forever. He has one of those voices. It's so nice hearing someone other than myself talking about poetry, especially when we talk about the same things in different ways.

The ultra-helpful Eric Wasserman.

Getting ready to introduce Van.

Van reads! I'm so glad he read stuff from MACNOLIA, since it's set in Akron.

More soon!


Frank (the Colt) said...

I think these pictures are great. Tell the person who took them they did a great job.

Penultimatina said...

Yeah, he's a fabulous photographer. I'm keeping his identity anonymous. I heard he got shot out of a cannon, etc.

Frank (the Colt) said...

Wow what a guy. I might have to buy him a beer some time.

P. J. said...

I see you're wearing a name tag of a rather large variety—it's a wonder it didn't tip you over (I'm half betting you had to steady yourself against a chair for this photograph). I figure everyone already knows your name, so I'm betting it says, "Please ask me about my Weltanschauung"? since obviously the use of oddball German words is fun in any context, but particularly on blogs and nametags.

btw, word verification = piity. I don't know if I should interpret that as a misspelling of pity or piety.

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