Van Fever.

A few more pics from A. Van Jordan's visit.

Van with Jen Sullivan.
Eric Wasserman and I competing ferociously (as always) for the Dorkiest Akron Professor Award. The verdict: a tie.
Sara, Jen, Amy, and Lindsay. I love this picture!


I like these pictures. Did this guy who took them get shot out of a cannon too? And you look pretty dorky in that picture.
Jay Robinson said…
I wouldn't say it's a tie between you and Wasserman. No, somebody is clearly in front of the pack, that's for sure. And of the two of you, their office is closest to mine.
Penultimatina said…
Oh snap!
Amy said…
I look completely hunchbacked and misshapen in this photo, and I'm going to blame it on Frank!

Very sorry to have missed Van Jordan's reading. Also Ed Hirsch's reading, for the same reason...