17 April 2008

Poem In Your Pocket Day, Akron Style

Here's how I will be observing Poem In Your Pocket Day with my undergraduate poets today.

When the students arrive at class, they will see this stunning display.

Oh! Now it all makes sense. But which one to pick? They're all so good.

Poems, like this one by Wayne Miller, can be found at Verse Daily. I printed up enough for the whole class.

What's in your pocket today? I still haven't decided. It's hard to choose just one, but I will.

Edited to add: I have made my selection! Currently in my pocket is the poem "Gift" by Heather Derr-Smith, from The Bride Minaret, forthcoming from the University of Akron Press. It feels like this entire manuscript is in my pocket--these are poems that you just can't shake.


emily said...

Jason gave me a poem, "Fold, Fold," by Mary Crow. I put it in my ponytail because he had his in his hat and I liked the idea of having a poem on my head.

Penultimatina said...

Very cool. Just make sure to remove the poem before attempting to wash your hair.

Kyle said...

I carried around four (one for each pocket)--"If I Had Wheels or Love" by Vassar Miller, "The Shampoo" by Elizabeth Bishop, "Ultrasound" by A.E. Stallings, and "The Nearest Simile Is Respiration" by Ashley Capps. I forced most of them on strangers in the elevator.

Next year, they may opt instead to celebrate "Don't Talk to Weird Dudes" here in KS.

Penultimatina said...

Kyle, you are ambitious! Glad to see Ashley Capps on your list, too. Elevators = perfect! :)

John Guzlowski said...

I'm going out right now to the poetry store to buy a poem to stick in my pocket.

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