An expensive habit.

I'm sure I could stop if I wanted to. This would've been the perfect year. The economy is terrible, I'm trying to cut expenses (like getting rid of that land line nobody uses!), it's already costly enough buying enough groceries to feed everyone three meals a day for a week, and so on. But damn it, I am not ready to give up my annual Rainier cherry indulgence. This year, it cost over $11 for a bag. But I bit the bullet, and here they are.

I'm not making a cake like last year. I don't make cakes any more, for some reason. Maybe it's the economy. But I sure am enjoying these cherries. After a day of scrubbing hardwood floors and waiting out tornado warnings in the basement, this was exactly what I needed.

I don't splurge on many things, but this is one tradition I'm not stopping any time soon.


Jay Robinson said…
This is the third post out of six in which you have photographed some fruit. Clearly, those cherries were on the brain long before you bought them.
Penultimatina said…
Hmm. I wonder what it means that I have a lot of fruit in my house.

Am I turning into a fruit bat?

Is it summer?
Penultimatina said…
PS--it's strange looking at that winter pic of you right now.
shug said…
Hag Berries they used to call them in the North East of Scotland. Fruit from a witch's tree.
Wow, the cherries on that cake are gigantic!
Talia said…
If you scrubbed your floors you definitely deserve them.
P. J. said…
You should switch to huckleberries and loganberries, then report back...but only so someone will prove to me, once and for all, that these are actual berries that do exist, and not the juicy machinations of some berry-themed prankster perpetrated upon my person for the past two decades.