21 June 2008

Make yourself at home.

I promise this won't turn into an all cats, all of the time blog, but I just couldn't resist this picture of LuLu Barnes, our newest addition.

Spent much of the afternoon in the kiddie pool, soaking. I'm starting to hate my backyard less. Maybe I just need to spend more time out there. I spent a lot of time in my yard in Chicago, but it had a tall wooden fence around it that made it feel like it was mine. No neighbors peeking out their back doors, etc.

We had one hell of a storm rip through here this evening. My daughter is obsessed with tornadoes, but apparently when it looks like we may get one of our own, they aren't so nifty any more. Lots of dead wood down. Glad I took the dog for a long walk before the rain started.

On Sunday, July 6th I'm driving to Pittsburgh for the TypeWriter Girls latest cabaret reading: God Vs. Poet: A Sexy Showdown of Biblical Proportions. I have never done a reading in PA before, so it should be delightful.

Finished my summer class on Friday. Now summer has begun.

I hope your weekend is much less boring than mine!


Karen J. Weyant said...

It looks like a neat reading.(Oh,and I don't think there's anything wrong with the occasional cat pic posting!)

Jay Robinson said...

It looks like Lu Lu is daydreaming of Coral Jane! Or, Speranza Van Wyck.

Anne said...

That is one adorable kitty! (I'm all in favor of kitty-blogging. But I'm also One Of Those Women. You know the ones.)

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