29 July 2009


I ate this noodle orgy the other day.

Well, at least my portion of it.

Thank you, mom.

I'd like to think of a metaphor involving noodles and poetry.

I'd rather sleep now, however.

Maybe tomorrow.


P. J. said...

Are those carrot and spinach noodles? They makin' me hungry!

Penultimatina said...

Tomater and spinach. Mm.

Anonymous said...

I love Barn Owl Review! I may have submitted to you a while ago, actually, but I am not among my records at the moment.

So glad to see a a poet blogger so close to home (you're less close than Cincinnati, but much closer than many other places. haha)

Also, pasta will do that for you. Kill your urge to write with the urge to sleep.

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