04 August 2009


First, the good stuff.

Many of our semifinalist (and even a finalist) book manuscripts have been picked up by other presses. It makes me anxious, but I'm so happy for these folks. What an exciting flurry.

We are getting a ton of awesome submissions at BOR, too. I will soon be posting a list of BOR #3 authors. But don't panic if you're still waiting to hear. This is an especially slow summer for me/us.

Had a panel picked up for AWP! It's on the 21st Century MFA.

Second, the bad stuff.

I feel like an utter failure for my inability to engage with The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, which I'm reading for a book club that I moderate. I'm the girl who read certain Henry James novels in 36 hour nonstop sweeps, and enjoyed them. But Henry James didn't write about dogs. If Edgar Sawtelle (or similar) was written about cats, everyone would be laughing their asses off.

Perhaps if I had a vacation and nothing to do but lounge and drink Labatts and read this book, I would like it. But I don't think I will be getting a vacation for a very long time.

I conquered some administrative forms that were scaring me. I don't know why I get scared of things like forms made in Word with ultrawonky fields, but they terrify me.

Hoping that today is one of those days where I get a week's worth of work done.

I would like to write a poem today, too.


Anonymous said...

Forms terrify me as well. I call any day where I complete even on at least a marginal success, even if I accomplish nothing else.

Valerie Loveland said...

I've been having a lot of trouble fitting in reading these days. I am reading some great stuff too, so I don't understand the problem. I hope troubled reading doesn't linger too long.

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