07 August 2009

On the lookout.

Will you hate me forever if I say that I'm ready for summer to end? Correction: that I'm ready for this summer to end?

I have a syllabus to write, and I vow this year to actually get it done almost a week before the class starts. I'm only teaching one class, and I've taught it before, but I need to redo the syllabus.

Planning to take one, maybe two days off before the semester starts. How do you do that?

Many poems out at journals. I feel like a grad student again, only without the sim-sub issue. Oh the anticipation.

Have you joined Read Write Poem yet? It's cool.

There's a list of accepted AWP panels here.

The above picture is not evidence of such, but I got a new camera. It's like having a new eye that also takes movies.

Happy weekend, when it finally gets here.


Anonymous said...

I just found read write poem, and it was from a link, from a blog, but I'm not sure from whom.

And a part of me wants summer to be over as well. Or whatever intermittent events that take up the time between now and whenever I finally get to seek my MFA

Valerie Loveland said...

I always want Summer to be over in August. I love September.

I have a bunch of poems just sitting around, they need to get to work.

ryan manning said...


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