21 December 2009

Two for [Monday]

I am officially on winter break (read: without childcare) until January. I am going to try to enjoy it. Today we went sledding and made homemade pizzas. With pizza, the messier it looks, the better. With sledding, the messier it gets, the more whining. But after a while, with both activities, there was less mess and more glee, which, I guess, is the point.

Work goes on, to some extent, and this made me really sad/annoyed/crestfallen today.

The other thing bringing me down is that I have a bunch of cuts on my hands again, so no orange peeling without assistance.

I seem to have permanently misplaced the version of my manuscript that I sequenced a while back, with photo evidence on facebook. Of course I kept no records of the order. So back to square one. I will be dedicating Sunday, December 27th to this task, including actually making it an electronic file. And sending it out, shortly thereafter. Enough excuses.

My kids are having a moment of peace right now. Those moments are rare.

I am going to aspire to post two pictures a day. Probably not so many words.

My mom is giving me a lot of clippings about simplifying and deep breathing. Little does she know that I'm already there.

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