03 March 2011

The somethingscape.

Dear Readers, we are no longer snowbound (for now, knock on wood, etc) here in Akron, Ohio. I'm sorry I didn't check in sooner to tell you that. Last week's Universe-Imposed Hiatus (UIH?) was helpful in terms of getting sleep and hanging out with children, albeit sick children, and observing what the cats do all day, which is pretty much nothing, then a little stampeding, but it sure set me back in the poems-annotating department. Last night I finally called it quits at 10:00 pm. Tomorrow morning I'm taking care of some stuff at the Press, then getting my hand checked out again (some crazy tendon pain thing, though thankfully it's my left not my right).

In other news, I've put together a rough compilation of my newest manuscript. You can find a sampling of its poems here in the new issue of diode. I still feel like I have a thousand more poems to write, but I'm putting it together nonetheless. And I have to say that I'm proud of myself for getting motivated in the sending-out department, as I've had a bunch of poems accepted in the past couple of weeks. I keep telling myself that once I get _______ manuscript finished I will begin properly tending and cataloging my poems, but then I just write too many poems. Maybe a better option would be to print them out and keep them in a binder? I don't know.

Lately I've been trying to interpret what the world is telling me (well, not this, which is just awful, especially for someone like me who expressly wanted to get a job in Ohio, I mean, intentionally searched for a job in Ohio, but other things). I guess the UIH made me a little more relaxed or something. Or maybe just taking some time to think about how much I love my job, and how much I like it here. I took a walk across campus and every time I do that it just makes me glad.

Onward toward the weekend, which I hope will be a restful one.


Kathleen said...

Looks like the world is telling you to be glad, and you are!

John Guzlowski said...

Mary, please let me know when you figure out the world. It is as complicated as the inside of a chicken. I will be waiting.

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