17 March 2011

[Instrumental Interlude Deux]

If you were trying to use the ladies' loo at the Linda theater last Saturday afternoon, and saw some shady character with a camera lurking in the shadows, that was me, and I'm not sorry, and I hope this photo is worth your annoyance/trauma. It certainly is to me. Thanks.

At the beginning of this break I was determined to let myself exist out of the office and off the office grid as much as possible. I'm happy to say that I have achieved this goal. I've spent much time with the kids, in the outdoors, at the gym, and away from my desk. Miraculously, my crippling carpal tunnel is now so much better that I can get back to boxing and arm-wrestling, my two passions! Just kidding. But it's so nice being able to fully function again. Add to list of things I will no longer take for granted: hands, and full use thereof.

This Saint Patrick's Day was different from many in the past (for example, we took the kids golfing, which is pretty darn wholesome compared to logging twelve hours in the bar; we logged a few earlier today, but that's all). Now I'm thoroughly relaxed and happy and ready to go to bed. Hardly a raucous party, and I'm rather pleased.

Oh, and back to the break. I haven't sequenced the manuscript yet, formally, but I do have all the pages ready-ish, and I'm sending more poems out. I think I've sent out more poems in the past three months than I have in some years. I need to do some revising. I want to write more poems. I need to figure out what this book is about. But I'm trying to make this spring break a break, so no pushing.

Saw some crocuses today, and can't wait for mine to bloom.

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Lyle Daggett said...

Regaring carpal tunnel -- I've worked for a living at computer terminals for many years, and I've found the numerous hand and wrist exercises very effective at preventing any major problems.

From time to time I'll feel some minor soreness or tingling, and then I do the exercises more frequently. Massaging the sore areas helps also.

I got curious and Googled "carpal tunnel exercises" (without the quote marks) and many entries came up. I didn't find any site or entry in particular that seemed comprehensive or exceptional, but there's a lot of information if you decide to go looking.

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