24 March 2011

Spring and Un-Spring

This week just whipped right past me like an express train that couldn't stop if it wanted to. It was a maelstrom of girl scout cookies, student poems, appointments filling up the month of April in my calendar, and the ever-drama of Snowflake, No Snowflake. Last weekend we decided to relax a little (it was the end of spring break, after all) and did the traditional "leave the leftover leaves in the flower beds" move that has saved my crocuses and daffodils year after year. And behold, this morning a coating of wicked ice, and snow in all the deep pockets, and by afternoon the flowers were blooming again.

Note: Please don't take this as an invitation to throw one more bad storm our way, mother nature. I do not trust you one bit, but I do fear you.

Today I finished formatting my newest manuscript. I didn't want to get the new version of word, but it actually makes things much easier. I began feeling like a page-break-inserting machine for a while, but otherwise it was a pleasant experience, after needing several rounds of sequencing (I eventually gave up on the floor and opted for the long conference table; the book is in three sections, and I spread each section end-to-end along the table).

The book has a lot of funny poems in it, so I was surprised that it wasn't funny overall--there's definitely an undertone of sorrow. Maybe all the elegies have something to do with that. Anyway, tomorrow I will print it and see what it has to tell me.


Majid Ali said...

See the power of positive thoughts within you. God bless you.

Me said...


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