15 March 2011

[Instrumental Interlude]

Welcome to the close of day #2 of Spring Break. I am 1) Not working on academic or administrative stuff, 2) Not answering emails for academic or administrative stuff (unless it's truly urgent), 3) Deep in the throes of some Spring Fever, made even more potent by playing outside yesterday with my family: multiple sports, hats and mittens, but snowdrops at the edges of the lawn.

I have some goals for the break (it's a week), but they're loose ones. Like, it would be kind of awesome if I managed to organize my workout clothes. But it's probably not going to happen. Etc. My big goal has been to sequence my new collection of poems. Step one, after printing the poems up, was to be crushed by self-doubt. Will the different types of poems work together? Is it just trail mix, or a real book?

I was prepared to give it more time, but then I reread everything and was like hell, this is a book, 64 pages when some lukewarm poems were taken out. It includes two poems written today. So I will indeed be sequencing and formatting, probably tomorrow. And revising on the fly, too. Such dangerous living!

And there is absolutely no name for this book yet, which is strange. Tomorrow morning I will vacuum the living room, move some furniture, and put 64 pages on the floor.

To be continued. Yeah.


Sara said...

remember: trail mix is still nutritious and delicious.

Penultimatina said...

Sara, I am waiting for you to post pictures of that cake!

Sandy Longhorn said...

Mary, I am amazed by you! Yay for the new manuscript!!!

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