11 March 2011

Rebirth of the Same.

I've always wondered where barrels go when they are feeling less than peachy. It takes a lot of energy to be that bright and directive. Or maybe there's an imminent safety issue under this trailer. In any case, I think we're covered.

Portrait of an Unfinished Bridge that Has Had Enough of Winter and Isn't Afraid to Shout This Fact from the Rooftops of Downtown Akron, Ohio. Dumpster and Distant Steeple Included.

Gratuitous tree-shot, because this is why we still live here.

In fifteen minutes I will be on spring break. And I'm taking a break. Not from the blog, but from work in general. Hoping to sequence a new book of poems. Hoping the week doesn't go by too quickly.

Next Thursday I start occupational therapy for my carpal tunnel. Apparently it's pretty bad, especially in my left hand. I have to sleep with braces on, and every night I try to take them off in my sleep. The braces are velcro-operated, not coin-operated (yet).

Over and out, from Akron.

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