09 April 2011


So, we're ankle-deep in April, and I have yet to make any comment here. You may thank strep for that, a very bad case that knocked me thoroughly out of commission for over a week. I'm only just starting to feel like myself again, and even then it's slow going.

After canceling a week's worth of classes (and not being able to answer emails or annotate poems, or anything, really) I came back this week and made it through. I really hope that the rest of this year is smoother sailing. It's been a real bummer in the health department lately.

Three more weeks of the semester. Trying to keep up with it, but kind of in disbelief.

Two new poems in the very awesome Devil's Lake. A bunch more forthcoming in other places, which makes me happy.

We have a plethora of new reviews over at Barn Owl Review. Check 'em out. We begin accepting submissions of poetry on June 1st. Holy cow.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be 81 degrees. Right now I'm wearing three shirts and I have the heat on.

1 comment:

Sandy Longhorn said...

Oh, Mary B.
Feel better please.
The world won't turn
without your voice.

Sending virtual chicken noodle soup and whiskey sours (to be taken separately per the doctor's orders.)

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