21 April 2011

holy / unholy / holy

I'm not completely sure what makes this April so much different from last April, but this April I haven't been blogging much, and last April I was blogging fairly much, and this April I am writing many poems, and last April I was writing no poems for a goodly chunk of the month, so what gives? I am sure there is no connection whatsoever. But I'll take it.

So far I've written a poem a day this April. If I knew the date of today offhand, I'd tell you how many poems that adds up to. Minus the one for today, which isn't written yet. I am writing at the same time every day, right after I put my kids to bed. I'm exhausted, but sometimes that's good, in the way that I can say Meh. This image is kooky but I will leave it. Without serious fatigue, I might revise something away.

Today is my second day off antibiotics. I was on various antibiotics for almost three weeks. I am hoping that I am able to stay healthy this time. I hate right now because I am constantly thinking I am getting sick again. Like, there's a bird in the tree outside my window, and there was a bird in the tree outside my window last time I got sick, so I must be sick. Or bird-sick.

Beyond dodging germs, I have a bit of exciting news to report. Saint Monica will be released very soon! I just approved the final version of the whole cover, and the pages look amazing, and I am super excited and feeling so lucky to have two books released this year (M&W was released in January, but that seems like a long time ago).

I can't wait to meet Monica in person. I almost mistyped in prison. Oh dear. Here she comes.

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