29 April 2011

Putting the cart inside the cart.

To continue the theme of my last post, April has been a month of many poems, and very little blogging. I've attempted numerous NAPO and NAPO-eque exercises in the past, but this is the only one where I stuck with it 100%, and where most of the daily entries were actually full poems. Having a project seems to help. I'm glad that May will be here soon, but I might keep writing a poem a day for as long as I can.

I do have a few things to report, such as my poem "A Genesis" being picked as a Verse Daily web weekly feature. You can read the poem here at Waccamaw. Thanks, Verse Daily folks, and Waccamaw. The poem is from O Holy Insurgency, forthcoming in 2012 from Black Lawrence Press.

Here's a poem and a little interview for National Poetry Month over at the BLP Blog.

Also, I got to recommend five recent poetry books over at the 32 Poems blog.

And somebody is selling a used copy of Saint Monica on Amazon for $367.02 plus shipping. It will be out very soon. I promise!

In the good news department, I seem to be strepless, and my summer class now has enough students to remain afloat. It's been an anxious few weeks, but things are (hopefully) looking up.

I encountered the above items the other day, and just had to catch them in the act.

Happy weekend to all, carts included.


Karen J. Weyant said...

Wow -- is that $367.02 copy a black market copy of Saint Monica?


Penultimatina said...

Yeah, I dunno?


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