19 May 2011

_______ in the time of _______ .

So there's pretty much nobody on campus, except for the summer school students, and there aren't many of them. This afternoon I did some mild jaywalking, mild being the type where you stand at the crosswalk like an idiot because you aren't paying attention, and then you're like, oh, there aren't any cars, and then start walking.

Only today some strange man decided to yell at me when I jaywalked. His was the only vehicle on the road, stopped at the intersection. He yelled, "Nobody's going to ticket you for jaywalking" and drove past me. But then he slowed down again and leaned out of his window and yelled "...because you're a goddess."

Usually when strangers speak to me I pretend I don't hear them or can't speak English, and that's what I did here, but I keep wondering what am I the goddess of. Please let it be bees, or cake. We had ice cream cake for my birthday and it was awfully good.

Now I am reading a lot of poetry manuscripts for the Akron prize, and getting ready to read lots of poems for Barn Owl Review (submissions open June 1st, via Submishmash). I am pretty damn busy for someone without summer classes and with only a few weeks left of work before the kids are home on break and it's all swimming pool and public library.

My new hobby is purging the house of items such as empty cardboard boxes and baby toys. I need to find a good place to recycle cardboard in Akron. Yes, this is the most fascinating thing I have ever said on this blog. Perhaps of greater interest is the fact that my first box of Saint Monica is said to be shipping out today. That means another box to recycle.

Yesterday, in a flurry of procrastination, I revised a bunch of poems and sent them to journals. I haven't written a poem yet in May, after writing one a day for all of April. I think it's about time. Only not just now. Etc.

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Justin Evans said...

Are you kidding? You are a goddess of poetry! You are a Goddess of the Blogosphere! You are the Goddess of Random Photography in Akron!

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