09 May 2011

That's a wrap.

So long, academic year 2010-2011. I'm not teaching again until the Fall. It's like an enchanted forest on campus right now. It's super quiet, and I believe I may be the only one still here. Perhaps I will scream and see if anyone notices.

I am doing administrative work and reading manuscripts for the Akron Poetry Prize until the end of June, and then I'm pretty much home full time with the kids until school starts in August. I'm pretty much home full time with the kids in June, too. I am going to have to "get creative."

I have an interview here at the Best American Poetry blog with Nin Andrews, who is one of my favorite people on earth. Thank you for taking a peek.

There are about 200+ books in my office that need to be shelved, and many stacks of paper to recycle. Somebody should invent a sort of office thresher that can do both of these tasks at once.

We've had some nice weather lately (yesterday, today). I hope it stays this way for a while.

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