20 July 2011

Major update.

Okay, just kidding. There's nothing major here. Still calling in every day to see if Akron Municipal Court wants me to make any judgments about my fellow citizens. Also not writing (no time! at all!) and falling behind on other things (" "). I've pinpointed the waning battery life of my laptop as one possible reason for some of the behindness, as I can't sneak around the house and take care of multiple obligations at a time. I should probably also blame some of it on the weather, right? I don't hate the heat, but that's easy to say when you own a central air system built in 1980. I had to sink $326.00 into it for maintenance, but it still kicks out the jams. I am trying to organize myself with sticky notes, but I don't write them clearly enough. But time is moving along, and so am I.

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