23 July 2011

The week of all the surprises.

This week contained surprises big and small. The big involved epic rainstorm and subsequent wet basement and flooded "three-seasons room," a kid who started some epic puking with very little warning, epic heat, and epically-awesome acceptance of two poems, one of which has the working title of my newest manuscript. Also, epic news for other people, which made me really happy, and also threw me a bit off schedule in the to-do list department.

The small surprises: having to call in for jury duty every day, and never needing to report. Kids who somehow managed to mostly behave while locked in the house due to sickness and ungodly heat. Trying a really tasty quinoa salad. Getting two extra, kid-free hours this morning due to softball game being cancelled, then opening all of the windows in the house (it's still hot and humid, but I'm so happy to actually have the air moving around) and then pretty much wasting those two hours.

Other highlights: ordered uniforms, backpacks, lunch boxes. I have a feeling that as soon as I really figure out how to thrive being at home sans childcare, it will be time for back to school. Or maybe I will have a week, and then it will be time for back to school. This week was a little better in terms of "being economical." Also, I am finding that I rather enjoy being home. Ray + kindergarten = not completely sinking in yet.

Next week may be "the week of nothing," because we don't have any plans aside from the usual softball practice and softball games and piano lessons and library, etc. I am very impatient for Raymond to learn how to read. It's so nice watching Gabi devour books. We made multiple book runs this week. I'm not reading as much as I would like, either due to no time, or the fact that I never want American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell to end.

It would be okay if next week had fewer surprises. Seriously.

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