02 August 2011

Spontaneous undertow of _______________.

It's really not a summer until you've waded in ankle-deep or higher water. That's why I don't put on any sort of real shoes between mid-May and mid-September. Because you never know when the real summer experience will present itself.

In case you haven't heard, it's August. I'm writing again, hopefully a poem a day. I have also been feeling more "motivated" overall, like making phone calls and stuff. I hate making phone calls (to strangers) unless I am giving them good news. I wish I could do that every day!

Sorry, right now I'm being totally distracted listening to This Mortal Coil via Spotify. It's like all my disappeared cds are back on my shelf. I do not recommend this if you dislike flashbacks to 1991 (or 1984, if you were cool/born).

When I was a kid I thought it was undertoe. I swam in Lake Michigan a lot. Nobody corrected me. It was just a much simpler time.


Nathan Kemp said...

So far, I've been a good little poet and written a poem a day. The results have been extraordinarily pleasing.

marybid said...

We can do it! Yeah!

Lyle Daggett said...

Wading along in the shallows of the lakes here is one of the true treasures of this place.

Regarding "undertoe" --

When I was very young (preschool age), when I first learned the song Silent Night around Xmas time, where the words say "round yon virgin" I thought it said "onion virgin," and I thought the song ended with the words "sleep in heavenly peas."

To this day I have an indelible image in my mind of a baby, lying in a crib, surrounded by green peas rolling around on the sheets.

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